We did it! We have survived life with a baby (and she has survived life with us!) for 3 months! She is starting to fall into more of a routine which is nice for us. Makes our days a TINY bit more predictable. This months pits and peaks are below!

PITS | Baby girl has gone through a bit of a nursing strike. She is very picky, but we are determined to figure it out. Thankfully she will take bottle amazingly when I am tired of trying ha. She still has one middle of the night wakeup that I am excited for her to grow out of but I mean only ONE wakeup? I’ll take it. She’s been great!

PEAKS | Ruby J is getting sooooo smiley! We love this girl so much. She is coo-ing more and more. Especially when we sing to her. She coo and gurgle along with us. It’s the cutest. She stays awake for longer periods during the day and hates being alone. If you leave the room for more the 10 seconds she will get worried and start to cry. She doesn’t want to be left out! She has also been sitting in her bumbo seat SO well lately! The other day she sat in there for 45 minutes straight while I baked and cleaned up the kitchen. We were so proud.

LIKES | Her Geoffery (this is her Geoffrey. Such a lifesaver!). Mom and dad. Looking at faces. Owl City. Being sung to. Baths. Stroller rides. Using her voice.

DISLIKES | Tummy time. Being left alone. Getting strapped into the carseat. Having to wait to eat.



This little lady is incredible. We love her so much — it’s amazing to see her personality come out more and more! Here are some pits and peaks at month two:

PITS  |  We are still trying to figure out the source of Ruby’s distress — colic? relfux? dairy irritation? Who knows. We’re doing a little bit to treat it all… But we are figuring it out! We are definitely learning more and more about each of her cries and how to differentiate them.

PEAKS  |  She smiles! Like all the time for us. Especially in the morning. I’ll hear her start to stir and look over and she is just staring back quietly with her big beautiful eyes wide open. I pick her up and bring her up on the bed with us and start to release her from her swaddle and she is just all smiles. Ah! It’s seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen.

She is also sleeping really well these days. We all get at least a solid 6 hour stretch and then she’ll usually go back to sleep for another hour and a half. She has learned to like her carseat too so errands are fun again! She will just snooze or hang out quietly. She loves to be held and snuggle in close which is honestly the best way to end the day.

That double chin continues to come in nicely and her cheeks are plumping up. She’s our favorite. Some people say she totally looks like me but most people say she looks a lot like B (I agree.) Either way, she’s just her own little person and we love her so.

LIKES | Baths. Mom and Dad. Her pacifier. Sitting up.

DISLIKES | Having a wet diaper. Tummy time. Getting buckled into the carseat.



I’m not going to lie, before this sweet girl joined our family, I was really worried about how I would transition to motherhood. I had so many experiences chatting with expecting girls and they would just gush about their love for their baby and how excited they were to be a mom. Of course I loved the little person I was growing but I didn’t quite feel that cosmic connection. Experiences like this made me question how the transition would go for me. Was I up to it? I wrote this to the baby in August — the height of my anxiety:

31 August 2014  |  On Friday night it started to hit me — the fact that I would be a parent before the end of the year. Like it or not. I broke down in tears. Not because I don’t want it, but because I want you to have the best upbringing with the best parents and I feel so incredibly overwhelmed by this daunting job. I want you to have the best and you got me. 

Also, for some reason the question of “do you have a name?” has really gotten on my nerves lately. Mostly because it addresses a deeper issue that has been weighing heavily on my mind. As you grow bigger and I feel you move more actively. I am becoming more and more aware that you are a person in there. A tiny person with a personality and tastes and future habits all tolled into that tiny 1 pound body of yours. It’s been very hard to admit that I don’t know you… I essentially have a complete stranger growing inside my body. Yes, yes I know I will come to love and know you, but for now it makes me feel incredibly… detached? Then on top of that, people are asking what your name will be!? How can I name something or someone I don’t know!? Who I haven’t seen. I am hoping as these next couple months fly by I will feel like I know you more. That way, once we DO meet that sweet little profile, we can name you something that totally fits. 

All that anxiety I felt is definitely a thing of the past. The love I have for this babe was instant and only grows as we get to know each other better and better every day. It’s kind of the best feeling in the world that sometimes she just wants ME. The other day I wrote this note to Ruby:

28 January 2015  |  The other night we were at a friends house and you fussed and fussed for them and then I took you and we swayed and I held you close and you calmed down and just rested your head on my chest — alert and calm. You needed ME. I could make it all better. I am your mama. What an amazing and terrifying feeling. I love you so and will try every day with everything I have to make it all right. 

The transition to “mom” is not without its bumps and tears and exhaustion but it’s definitely good. It’s all good. Being “mom” (and being “dad”) is rewarding and testimony building and the best blessing. The very best.




I can’t even believe she is already one month old. Mostly because she is still so itty bitty and we’re still getting to know each other, but holy cow! 1 month! Time needs to sloooow dooown. We love seeing her personality come out more and more every day. I thought I’d share some pits and peaks from her first month of life.

PITS  |  Little lady has had some pretty crazy and long fussy periods lately. She just cries and cries. It’s not even really crying so much as it is yelling. So she’ll just yell and yell until eventually she just conks out…probably because she’s so exhausted from all the yelling! She also hates her carseat. So she’ll yell and yell in the car until–same story–she just falls asleep. The first couple nights at home, she had these great 4 and 5 hour long sleep stretches back to back but lately the longest she’ll go is 3 hours, but she is usually up every 2 or 2 and a half hours. Man that sleep deprivation is a rough transition ha. Thank the heavens for diet coke!

PEAKS  |  This girly is so petite so it’s been fun to watch her grow and fill out. Her cheeks are getting chubbier and she is getting longer but she is still skinny skinny skinny. Lately she’s also had these great long awake periods. She will just lay on the floor or the bed and look up at us. She kicks her legs and stretches her fingers and takes it all in. It’s my favorite thing. And today, she smiled at me! Best. Moment. Ever. She has smiled before of course but I know it’s just been gas or reflexes or something. But today, it was definitely at me. Oh I love her! She is a good baby — I think we are pretty lucky. PLUS she’s like the cutest thing ever, right!?


She’s here! Our sweet baby girl is here and is actually 4 weeks old today (where has the time gone!?) The past few weeks have been the craziest whirlwind. We have never been more tired and felt so clueless but we are so in love with this little lady and the sweet spirit she has brought into our home.

On the day after Christmas we went into the hospital bright and early to be induced. My doc had scheduled the induction a couple weeks prior because of the blood pressure issues. We had crossed our fingers she would come earlier just all on her own but no luck. We got about a million suggestions from people who SWORE (fill in the blank) would definitely make you go into labor. Teas, oils, walking, jogging, everything. We tried it all. I’m here to tell you they DO NOT WORK! There is no magic key. Babies just come when they are good and ready to come.

Annnnyway, once we got all checked in and settled in our room they started me on a round of drugs to get my body ready for labor since I hadn’t progressed at all. All those remedies had gotten me 0% effaced and no dilation. Awesome. We settled in to a Lord of the Rings marathon while the drugs worked their magic


By 7:00 pm I was starting to feel contractions and they were getting increasingly uncomfortable. Brad and I walked the halls a little bit and it didn’t ease the pain. The anesthesiologist came in to talk to us about an epidural but I was hesitant to get on board right away. I hadn’t really put together a solid plan for if and when I wanted an epidural. I thought wanted to experience labor for as long as I could. However, an epidural seemed dreamier and dreamier with each contraction and eventually I gave in. I was nervous — I had already had my IV put in twice that day (which is the absolute WORST!) so the idea of a ginormous needle poking into my back wasn’t making my empty stomach feel super awesome. I sat up on the bed and asked B to come around so I could squeeze his hand. He looked at me and shyly said, “actually…I kind of want to watch the epidural thing”. That boy! Ever since our baby class he has been so fascinated by the epidural! haha. The nurse held my hand instead while Brad got to watch the epidural process which I am here to tell you is a BREEZE compared to getting an IV. Who knew!? I’m a fan.

They gave me an ambien and checked me again before tucking me into bed, I was at a 4! I was able to sleep thanks to that ambien! Brad stayed up most of the night watching the monitors on me and the baby. I woke up about 6 am and they checked me again. I was at an 8! What!? I almost feel like I cheated the system. I slept through most of the labor process? Who gets to do that!?

Anyhow, the doctor showed up and said we were ready to get the party started. He said he was going to break my water, but my body was feeling like cooperating and before he could do it, my water broke on it’s own! I really feel we were so lucky through the whole delivery. The doctor said he anticipated I would labor for about another 2 hours before showtime, so he would be back to check in after a while.

Even though I had that heaven-sent epidural, I was still feeling the contractions. After about an hour I just knew I was ready to have that baby. I told Brad to get the nurse. I told him I felt this baby was so low and I needed to push. He doubted me but got the nurse anyway. Our nurse (who was a saint–I think probably most labor and delivery nurses are saints) came in and sure enough baby girl was ready to come! The doctor came back in time (praises) and after about 40 minutes, our precious babe was born at 9:18 am. I looked up at Brad as she was born. I could tell he loved her already. I have never felt a more powerful surge of emotions — I couldn’t believe that baby crying was OUR baby! I felt so much love for Brad for being my companion through everything but especially through the delivery.


As they cleaned her up I could hear her sweet little cry and Brad say over and over “She’s so beautiful. She’s perfect.” When they laid her on my chest, I just wept. She was here. She was safe. She was healthy. She was perfect.



After everything settled down, Brad and I and this babe were finally alone in the morning quiet. It was pure magic. We looked at her sweet face and couldn’t believe she was ours. She was and is honestly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. We hadn’t decided on a name before she was born. We were really banking on the fact that a name would just feel right once she was here. So in that quiet room, just me and B and our beautiful babe, we decided that this girly was definitely a Ruby. It fit so well. She was our Ruby June. The girl we had waited and prayed for. I can’t remember a more perfect moment.


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